Three Things Thursday

Once again it’s time for the blog challenge Three Things Thursday, the purpose of which is to “share three things from the previous week that made you smile or laugh or appreciate the awesome of your life.”

It’s Oddball Week in Tacoma

I had a couple of photos of unusual things to group together, but I needed a third. So I put out the word to my husband and my daughter. They came up with such good oddball things that this post features their work, two by my husband (#1 and #3) and one by my daughter (#2). My thanks to them.

And now I’m motivated to look around me for more examples of oddball things so that I can use this category for Three Things Thursday again some time.

1. Bicycle Art

The view of the water along Ruston Way here in Tacoma is beautiful. But to keep us from taking ourselves too seriously, there’s this piece of artwork:


The picture above supplies the context for why this looks so odd. Here’s a close-up that makes me wonder who got out there to put it up and how they did it:


2. Revolver Door Handles

My daughter found these door handles in a saloon in eastern Washington (OK, it’s not Tacoma, but it’s in our home state):


3. Motorized Unicycle

One day while out riding his Elliptigo, which is itself an oddball thing, my husband spotted someone riding what appears to be a motorized unicycle:


I found something similar here.

Have you ever seen anything like this?

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