Three Things Thursday

I love the weekly challenge Three Things Thursday, the purpose of which is to “share three things from the previous week that made you smile or laugh or appreciate the awesome of your life.” This challenge makes me pay attention to my world in the search to document the awesomeness of my life.

1. An Introduction to Your Colon

Last week we visited the Pacific Science Center in Seattle to see Pompeii: The Exhibition. The Pacific Science Center focuses on educating children, and one of their approaches is Grossology, which heightens the yuckiness quotient to get kids to learn about how their bodies work.

Part of the Grossology approach is a set of Grossology restrooms. Here, courtesy of the women’s Grossology restroom, is an introduction to how the human colon works:

diagram of the colon
Photographed at Pacific Science Center

Gross! Yucky! Great!

2. In a Galaxy Not so Far Away…

When we came out of Costco last weekend, the characters from Star Wars were participating in a fund raiser for the Children’s Miracle Network. I didn’t notice them until we were well across the parking lot. I snapped this quick shot:

Star Wars characters

I particularly enjoyed seeing the Sand Person, who doesn’t usually get as much publicity as the major characters.

3. Want to Go Parasailing?

The return of warm weather this past week brought with it the return of parasailing to beautiful Ruston Way along Commencement Bay.


Thanks to my husband for this gorgeous photo.

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