Regensburg, Germany

Map of Viking River Cruises: Grand European Tour

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Regensburg, on the Danube River, marks the northernmost point of Roman expansion. As a classics major, I was interested in the remnants of the Roman settlement, which dates to the year 79 CE.

Roman arch, Regensburger
Roman arch, Regensburg

I love how the arch is tastefully incorporated into the modern building.

Roman tower, Regensburg
Roman tower, Regensburg

The local people considered themselves a David challenging the Goliath of Roman takeover, a motif that survives today in this mural:

David & Goliath mural, Regensburg
David & Goliath mural, Regensburg

St. Peter’s Cathedral, also known as Dom St. Peter or Regensburg Cathedral, has existed since about 700 CE. However, after several fires the church was rebuilt, and the present high-Gothic style building was completed in 1320. The cathedral is 279 feet long and 115 feet wide, and the two towers are almost 350 feet high. Most of the stained glass windows were installed in the 14th century and depict apostles, saints, the life of the Virgin Mary, and the legend of Saint Catherine.

St. Peter's Cathedral, Regensburg
St. Peter’s Cathedral, Regensburg
Tourists in Bavarian lederhosen, Regensburg
Tourists in Bavarian lederhosen, Regensburg

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