If I Had Three Wishes. . .

If I were a politician running for office, I’d have to present my ideas for improving the world plus my plans on how to go about implementing those ideas. Fortunately, though, I’m not a politician. Thanks to a recent WordPress Daily Prompt, I get to imagine a better world without having to figure out a way to achieve it:

Today is your lucky day. You get three wishes, granted to you by The Daily Post. What are your three wishes and why?


Wish #1: Eradication of Cancer

I’m not wishing for a cure for cancer. Even if that wish came true, people would still have to undergo the trauma of diagnosis and treatment.

No, I wish for cancer simply to not exist. Eradicated. Gone. In my ideal world, nobody would have to deal with this cruelest of killers.

Wish #2: Meal Delivery to Everyone

I wish that every person on the planet would receive delivery of three nutritious meals every day.

Delivery of meals to people age 18 and over could be handled by drones. (Hey, if Amazon can do it…) But for everyone under age 18, delivery would be made by personal Fairy Godmothers. All kids should have their own Fairy Godmother so that they know they are loved and cared for.

As Abraham Maslow taught us with his hierarchy of needs, people must have their basic survival needs met before they can move on toward other goals. Giving everyone alive sufficient nutrition would improve the world by allowing more people to explore their creativity and ingenuity.

Does poverty cause malnutrition, or does malnutrition cause poverty? Either way, the removal of malnutrition from the equation would give people more energy to envision and to work toward building a better world.

Wish #3: An End to Intolerance and Discrimination

And an end to hatred. Imagine if all people worked together to solve the world’s problems. Imagine if everyone treated everyone else with respect, empathy, and compassion. Imagine if all people were allowed to contribute their best selves to society, no matter their religious beliefs or their skin color.

I’m not saying everybody is or should be the same as everyone else. What I want is a world in which all people are allowed to sharpen their abilities and to do their best work for each other.

See? Easy, right?

2 thoughts on “If I Had Three Wishes. . .”

  1. If I got 3 wishes…
    1) I want healing hands to cure the children n poor people in the world.
    2)I want to be rich,so I can give shelter for those vry poor and needy people.
    3) give shelter,food and medical care for those stray animals.
    I wish 1 day my wish will come true, before I leave this world.
    A Gunasegaran
    Blk 167,#09-755,Yishun Ring Road.


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