Trip to Olympia Farmers Market

Olympia Farmers Market Sign

Today a few of us from Franke Tobey Jones took our annual trip down to Washington’s capital city, Olympia, to visit the Olympia Farmers Market and have lunch. Our new activities director didn’t know that we usually go in August, but today worked just as well. It was overcast and cloudy, but we need rain so badly that nobody complained about the weather.

This September visit worked out well for my husband and me. We usually visit the Puyallup Farmers Market with our daughter most Saturdays during the summer, but it ended earlier this month. We were therefore happy for the opportunity to get some locally grown produce:


The photo below came from a stand of peppers that featured “sweet” varieties on one side and “hot” ones on the other:


The Olympia Farmers Market features local small businesses. In addition to produce, vendors offer cheese and dairy products, jams and jellies made from local fruit, honey and wax items like candles, baked goods, herbs, and plants.

And flowers. There were some truly spectacular dahlia bouquets on display today. I’m kicking myself because I meant to take a photo but got distracted talking to one of my companions. You’ll have to take my word for it. The colors were gorgeous: various shades of yellow, orange, red, and purple (my favorite).

There are always several craft vendors at the Olympia farmers market as well. Like the fruit, vegetable, and flower vendors, these are all local small businesses. Sometimes at fairs you’ll find a heavy dose of mediocre craft things, but not here. These items are top quality, made by professionals. Today we saw ceramics, wood items, paper goods, soaps, candles, metal art, and photography.

After our shopping spree, we went across the parking lot for lunch at Anthony’s Homeport for lunch. This restaurant is always popular with our group because of both the food and the view of the adjacent marina and, a bit farther off, the state capital building. The clam chowder, which all five at our table ordered, was especially good today.

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