Three Things Thursday

Thanks to Nerd in the Brain for the weekly challenge Three Things Thursday:

three things that make me smile: an exercise in gratitude – feel free to steal this idea with wild abandon and fill your blog with the happy


Earth Day

First celebrated in 1970, Earth Day is now observed annually on April 22 to emphasize the importance of environmental protection.

In honor of Earth Day tomorrow, here are three photos of what the earth offers us here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest of the U.S.

(Click on any photo to see a larger version.)

(1) Magnificent Hoh Rain Forest

Hoh feature image

On Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula.

(2) The Majestic Pacific Ocean

Beach 4 has few logs

Off the coast of the Olympic Peninsula.

(3) Mystical Mount Rainier

Mt Rainier 010

My most recent photo.

I hope everyone has a good week!

Photos © 2015 & 2016 by Mary Daniels Brown

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