Weekend Coffee Share

It’s time once again for Weekend Coffee Share.


If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that for the first time in quite a long time, I feel caught up with the various projects I’ve set up to find meaning in my life. I’ve finished my previous reading undertakings and am ready to take on this month’s reading plan (short stories). I’ve kept up with the 52-Week Writing Challenge on Medium and am tossing around several new ideas for personal essays as future entries, and I’ve lost three pounds. It’s amazing how satisfying little victories feel.

I’d also tell you that my husband and I continue to enjoy watching foreign TV series. We recently got through the French police/crime series Spiral; seasons 1–4 are available on Netflix, 1–5 on Hulu. It was eye-opening to see how much the French justice system differs from ours here in the U.S. Now we’re watching The Tunnel, a story about a murder victim found straddling the English/French border in the Eurotunnel. Since half the body was on each side, the English and the French have to cooperate in the investigation. According to the ending credits on each episode, this series was based on a similar one from Sweden, The Bridge, so that will be the next one we’ll look for. We’ve had Amazon Prime and Netflix subscriptions for several years, but thanks to our daughter we now also have a Hulu subscription (Christmas gift), just in case we couldn’t find enough to watch on the other two.

And I’d tell you that my husband and I have decided to take over one of the garden plots available here in our retirement community to grow herbs this summer. We might also plant a few tomato plants, as there’s really nothing quite like a fresh, vine-ripened tomato. I grew tomatoes along the fence in our suburban back yard for many years and even canned quarts and quarts of them for winter use. I don’t plan on canning ever again, however.


Finally, I’d ask you what’s happening in your life. What little victories have you experienced lately? Or do you need a couple of hugs or some moral support? I’d be happy if you’d let me know in the comments.

And I hope to see you back here for next week’s Weekend Coffee Share.

© 2017 by Mary Daniels Brown

2 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share”

  1. My I learned about quite a few new series on Netflix here! I will have to check them out! I have a very small garden (flowers) but this year I am going to pot tomatoes on the patio, because I have found the store bought tomatoes so dismal! Look forward to the Weekend Coffee share!


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