Happy Thanksgiving & Three Things Thursday

For the third day, we awoke to clear, sunny weather. We cook most of our meals in the small kitchen in the cabin, but on Thanksgiving we treat ourselves to the buffet at the lodge’s Creekside dining room:

It took us a little over an hour to eat our way through both tables of the buffet.

Three Things Thursday


You never know what you might find if you keep your eyes open while walking along the beach.

1. Decorative Little Doll

china doll on beach

I found this little china figurine, about an inch long, among the stones on Ruby Beach yesterday. What might she represent, and where did she come from? Is some little girl missing one of her personal treasures? Or has the little doll’s disappearance gone unnoticed; if so, why?

2. Forest Reminders

Strewn across Ruby Beach were these reminders that we are not far from hundreds of acres of coniferous forest:

cone and needles

3. Holey Rocks

The holes in these rocks at Beach 4 were made by piddock clams, which use a rocking motion to burrow into the sandstone:

rocks with holes made by piddock clams

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