Last Week’s Links

Last Week's Links

Here’s what I’ve been looking at around the web lately.

Cohesive neighborhoods boost teens’ mental well-being

I grew up in a small New England town in which almost all of us kids played outside together. We rode freely around the center of town on our bikes, but we knew that, no matter where we were, we’d better behave because any parent that caught us doing something we shouldn’t would reprimand all of us. So I found this article interesting:

Teenagers living in cohesive neighborhoods – where trusted neighbors get involved in monitoring each other’s children – experience fewer symptoms of depression and anxiety, a new study suggests.

I just thought of my childhood situation as effective discipline. I never realized that it contributed to my mental health as well.

How about you? Did you grow up in the same type of environment as I did?

Despite Alzheimer’s plaques, some seniors remain mentally sharp

The result here is based on a very small sample size, yet this research suggests that further examination may yield knowledge of why some people seem more susceptible to Alzheimer’s disease than others.

Protecting Your Digital Life in 7 Easy Steps

Some suggestions for how to make your personal data”more difficult for attackers to obtain.”

What’s the Use of Regret?

Gordon Marino, a professor of philosophy at St. Olaf College, contemplates the meaning and function of regret, especially the type that he calls “moral regret.”


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