Three Things Thursday

It’s Thursday again! Time for Three Things Thursday.

Three Things Thursday

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Welcome, Shorts Weather!

On Sunday the temperature got all the way up to 46 degrees F. As my husband and I were driving to a local restaurant for an early Valtentine’s Day dinner, we say two young boys (probably 10 or 12) run across the road from a local drug store with a soda fountain. They were carrying their soda cups, and both were wearing shorts and T-shirts.

It always amuses me that kids are so eager for summer to begin that just about any temperature above freezing provides an excuse to break out the summer clothes. I was comfortable in a wool sweater.

An Early Valentine’s Day Dinner

We usually avoid the holiday rush by going out for our Valentine’s Day dinner a day or two ahead of time. This year we took advantage of a special from one of our favorite restaurants that expired on Sunday, February 12. We feel we got a good deal on salad, sirloin steak with prawns, vegetables, and cheesecake for dessert. We also got window seats looking out on the marina, and it was even a nice sunny day!

Val dinner 2017

And finally, this:

Baseball’s back! A look at Mariners Spring Training: Day 1

Welcome to Safeco Field
Safeco Field, Seattle, WA

See you next week!

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