Weekend Coffee Share

In the past I’ve read other bloggers who participate in the Weekend Coffee Share. I often thought I’d like to participate but never did the actual work to figure out how to do it. But when Nerd in the Brain, who also hosts Three Things Thursday, announced that she would be taking on the mantle of hosting Weekend Coffee Share, I knew it was my time to jump in.

Here, then, is my first submission for Weekend Coffee Share.


If we were having coffee, I’d tell you how discouraged I am over the current situation in the U.S. Every new headline is another cause for worry. A lot of what’s going on would be funny … if it weren’t so serious. And I fear many citizens are not taking all of this seriously enough. What’s happening now is not just something we can trust will work itself out. I am truly frightened by what I’m seeing. Read this article “We have at most a year to defend American democracy, perhaps less“ to see why. Thank you, and now I’ll try to stop obsessing over this.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you about all the television I’m watching to distract me from obsessing. The AMC drama Humans returned Monday night for its second season. The focus of the new season seems to be on the question of what constitutes consciousness and what happens if/when androids can achieve consciousness. Heady thoughts for someone interested in the intersection of psychology and literature. And tonight the second season of Showtime’s Billions begins. This show pits a wealthy tech billionaire (played by Damien Lewis) against a U.S. attorney (played by Paul Giamatti) determined to bring him down. Billions is a fluffy but enjoyable self-indulgence for me. And while I’m on the subject of Showtime, it’s too bad the network undertook to eke out yet another season for Homeland, which has long since outgrown its premise and now has no idea what it is. In the last two or three months we’ve watched a number of foreign series on Netflix: Dicte (about a Danish journalist), Case (a police procedural set in Iceland), and The Break (a police procedural set in Belgium) that provided insight into other cultures. Currently we are caught up in the reign of Queen Victoria on PBS’s Masterpiece Theatre.

If we were having coffee, I’d ask about what’s happening in your world. And I’d tell you I look forward to next week.

© 2017 by Mary Daniels Brown

13 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share”

  1. I feel so sorry for America and for the whole world. I was worried when it looked like Trump might be elected. I was even more worried when he actually WAS elected. I almost cried when I watched the live broadcast of his inauguration speech whilst sat in a Florida airport with the majority of people around me whooping and applauding and only a few who were silent and regretful. After four weeks of craziness, all my fears are confirmed. The President of the USA has severe mental health problems. He suffers from delusional paranoia and the rest of us will suffer for it.

    The usual call of “God bless America” has become “God help America.”

    It is sad.

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      1. I was sitting with an American friend and colleague who had his head in his hands, moaning, “This is the worst day of my life!”

        The lady at the next table got up and whispered to us as she left in distress, “I’m with you guys. I can’t stand any more of this.”

        That press conference the other day was the final straw. To disrespect the BBC as unreliable is beyond the pale.


  2. I’m so glad you’ve joined us for coffee! 😀 (And I share your concern for the current chaos of American government!)

    Have a wonderful week…hopefully more full of fun TV than disturbing political happenings. 😉


  3. Welcome to Coffee Share (Not that I’m a long-time regular yet!) I thought I was the only one who watched Humans (two episodes taped, waiting for my sons as we watch together) and Billions. It is flush but when they start talking funds and stuff… I feel so stupid. Never was a whizz at the money stuff!
    I feel for you Americans… We, just north of you, shake our heads and worry…

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      1. Indeed… he is a looker, that’s for sure!
        And yes TV is the ideal distraction (as long as you keep it off the news…)


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