Last Week’s Links

Last Week's Links

She was once America’s ‘most-read woman.’ Today, she has largely been forgotten.

“Elsie Robinson was a single mom who eventually became the highest-paid woman writer in the Hearst empire. Authors Julia Scheeres and Allison Gilbert take a look at her legacy in their new book.”

In their book Listen, World! “Julia Scheeres and Allison [Gilbert] take a look at Robinson’s trailblazing legacy. . . . Robinson stood up for what she believed in.”

Meet Mike Krzyzewski, Retiree

Mike Krzyzewski, a five-time NCAA champion and six-time Olympic-gold-medal coach, won 1,202 college basketball games, most notably at Duke University. Now 75, he emphasizes “I’m not retired . . . I’m doing all the things I want to do.” Here he discusses teaching, coaching, public speaking, and gardening.

The big idea: do we all experience the world in the same way?

Anil Seth is professor of neuroscience at the University of Sussex and the author of Being You – A New Science of Consciousness. Here he explains how and why “it’s likely that our inner experiences differ”:

It may seem as though the world just pours itself directly into our minds through the transparent windows of our eyes and our ears. But psychologists have long known that perception is not simply a “read out” of sensory information. We are strongly influenced by context. From the effect of shadows on how we perceive the brightness of a surface, to our tendency to interpret facial expressions depending on what we think is happening, context permeates all our conscious experiences, and it does so in a way that we are typically never aware of.

If you’ve ever wondered why you and someone else remember the same event differently, here’s the explanation.

Using Brain Dumping to Manage Your Mental Health

Basically, a brain dump is the act of writing down everything that comes to mind on a particular topic. Its proponents describe it as a way to get all of your thoughts and ideas down on paper and free up space in your brain.

Saya Des Marais, MSW, explains what a brain dump is, how it works, how to do it, and the benefits it might give you: “While the research supporting brain dumps is still limited, it’s not likely to cause any harm — so go ahead and try it out to see whether it’s effective for you.”

A PT Shares the 7 Stretches He Does Every Day To Keep His Body ‘Young and Healthy’

“The older you get, your mobility holds the key to aging happily and healthily.”

Bennett Richardson, a physical therapist and strength/conditioning coach, explains 7 stretches to help maintain flexibility, a key to continued mobility as we age. 

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